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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fair Dance 2010

Last Friday night we braved the torrential rain and headed up to the fair to participate in the Pedal Tractor Pulls and to let the children go to the 4H dance to celebrate the end of the week.

Here is some not so great video I took with my trusty Canon point-n-shoot of the pedal tractor pull (which Walker took 1st place in his age division) and of the dance later in the evening. Erik and I got so much joy out of watching our kids dance and play. It took them a long time to warm up to the whole dancing thing - well, except for Willie J. He was very enthusiastic about dancing and sidled right up to the speakers and got his groove on. It took Maggie & Walker a little longer to actually start dancing. For a while, Walker kind of just ran around the barn and Maggie just sort of stood there with her hands in her pockets and wiggled. It was quite comical. Finally, during that line dance song that is so annoying where it's a series of slide to the left, slide to the right, jump 5 times, etc., one of the older girls encouraged our children and told them what to do and they LOVED it! I think Walker developed quite a crush on her because the rest of the night he tried to dance within five feet of her. She was so lovely to take time to encourage the children and I don't know her name or anything about her except I love her because she was so lovely to my children.

Watch how Will weaves his way around the dance floor to find someone willing to boogie with him. He'll wander into the middle of a line dance just to get some attention. He doesn't care - he's going to find a dance partner if it kills him!

I'm looking forward to many more years of watching my babies grow and do fun things like this with them and for them. I hope they become treasured memories for them the way they already have for me!


P.S. Please ignore my cheering during the pedal tractor pull portion of the video - it's hard to be the videographer and mom at the same time. Oh - and I think that is my (insert sarcasm here) wonderful voice you hear singing along during some of the dance video. I didn't realize that little camera had such a good sound recorder!

**Due to some problems, I've removed the video from here and included a link instead:

Tractor Pull and Dance

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