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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Summer Moments

Maggie got her ears pierced!  She was so very brave.  She sat on my lap and I hugged her tight as the ladies pierced both ears at once.  Her beautiful pink flower earrings are a source of great pride now!
She couldn't resist showing off her red tongue from the TWO lollipops she was given for being such a brave girl.
Photos of the kids playing at my Papa's pool earlier in the month.

Poor Maggie was trying hard to keep up with the boys.  They had ganged up against her but she held her own.  

Ooops- they finally got rid of her.  Look how she's getting ready to cry and tattle on them.

This smile is one of, "Ha ha - my momma says you have to let me play too!"  
My dad got the kids this blow up slip n slide and they really enjoyed it.  Chris & Walker were a little too brave with their "sliding" but they had a super-terrific time.  All of the kids tried it out and had so much fun.  Walker could be heard saying many times, "This is the best present Pop ever got me!"

Erik lets will take a turn.  He didn't stay as steady.
Going . . .
Going . . .

Still sliding . . .
Chris gets a turn too!  Chris started the daredevil antics of jumping up HIGH before sliding down.  He taught Walker to get a little too high, but they had a blast and it was a lot of fun to watch them.

Livvy Lou!  This is my niece, Olivia.  She is so funny.  She is about two and a half years old and cracks me up.  My favorite thing to have her do is to get her to say "grandfather".  A few weeks ago, we were playing and she was pretending to talk on the phone.  I said, "Liv,  who are you talking to? "  She says, "My Dam-fodder."  I started to laugh thinking that maybe my sister and brother in law were having some tiffs lately and Liv over heard Katie referring to my brother in law as "your damn father."  But, I got reprimanded by my sister for having my mind in the gutter when she looked at me and stressed, "Olivia is talking to her GRANDFATHER!"   I still like to play house and I tell Olivia to answer the phone:  
Me:  "Liv!  Pretend the phone is ringing and it's your grandfather."  
Olivia:  "O-tay"
Me:  "ring ring"
Olivia:  "Heddo"
Me:  "Liv?  Who is on the phone?"
Olivia:  "My dam-fodder."
Me:  snicker, snicker, snort, snort as I laugh childishly.

As the days FINALLY have gotten hot, summer is winding down and I looked back over the photos and realized we did a lot - even though it didn't seem like it.  

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