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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Iffy Thursday

It's an "iffy" day here today.  Sometimes the sun is shining, sometimes it spits rain.  It's a tough day to decide what to do with the kiddos, so we've opted to play inside. 

Will is talking on the telephone.
And shopping at the store Maggie & Walker have created.  He's got his "purse" and a bag to carry his purchases home in.  He is so environmentally friendly.  He has tucked into this purple bag some "bahs"  which translates to balls.  Will loves bouncy balls - he loves to hand them to me to make them bounce and I inevitably bounce them too high.  Today I bounced one into the ceiling fan and almost broke some stuff.  I often am not such a good role model.

Walker and Maggie are playing a combination of store and restaurant.  I asked them if they were playing "Cracker Barrel?"  They didn't understand my question and told me they sold neither crackers nor barrels at their store.  Apparently the way it works is an imaginary customer comes to the store, tells Maggie what he/she wants to buy,  
then Maggie tells Walker to look it up on the computer to see if they have it. 
 Walker then tells Maggie the price, and she conveys the price to the imaginary shopper.  As you can see, it is a family friendly store as Maggie brings her children to work with her and changes them right there in front of the customers.

A good system, I suppose. 

What may be the downfall of their efficiency is that instead of stocking their goods in a mannerly fashion, they just dump it all out on the floor.  They have every item they own crammed into this 6 foot space.  The rest of the house is spotless (well, except for my messes) but they apparently have a "path" through this jumble.  It must be imaginary, just like their customers because I cannot find it.  Good thing we have two entrances to the room or I would be stuck all alone in the other room. 

Wait, why am I doing this if I could be stuck all alone?   

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