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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day one/Day 100

This was Walker on his first day of preschool this past September.  He is so excited and ready to go.

This was last Friday - his last "official" day of preschool May 22. 


It amazes me how much my babies have grown in the last 8 months.  Maggie's hair was short - now I can put it in braids - she has become sassier and funnier too. Will wasn't walking, talking or doing much of anything.  8 months later, he's walking, running and doing almost everything his brother and sister are doing.   Let's not even start with Walker.  He's grown leaps and bounds both physically and cognitively.  He amazes me sometimes with what he knows and can do.  He's such a problem solver.  His favorite thing to do is to figure out how to do something.  He is very creative in his problem solving skills.  

Well, as usual the reminiscing is short lived - the natives are restless and demanding a snack.  Sounds about right.

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