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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our house (still not finished)

What kind of crack heads live here anyway?  Tyvek and insulbrick.  I'm starting to get concerned that the authorities using heat sensor equipment will start to suspect that our house is actually being used to produce crystal meth or grow marijuana  - that outdoor wood burner keeps this house HOT - and Erik, the man who previously got by with the temp set at 68 in the sunroom and 63 in the rest of the house, now feels "cold" when the temp drops to 70 anywhere in the house!  He yells at me all the time for having the ceiling fan on, but he's not the one working in here - I am.  I literally broke a sweat sweeping the floor yesterday.  That's just not right!

You'd never guess it was warm, cozy and toasty inside this house, would you? Someday it will be finished on the outside. Unless it keeps snowing like this!

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