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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Maggie, Kodi, and Drew

Maggie, Kodi, and Drew, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Maggie was very impressed that Drew would lay on this big dog, a Lancier Newfie - her name is Kodiak - but Kodi is short. Also, Drew's phone is a TV so Maggie is watching Disney on that TV while Drew is sleeping on Kodi.

Funny story - our friends also have a dog named Thunder. He is a husky and looks like a Coyote - Maggie, in her logic, misunderstood what we were saying and took to calling the Black and White dog, Ko-yodi, mixing the words up in reference to the dog. Ok, so you had to hear her say it to appreciate how cute and adorable it sounded. Ok, so maybe you have to be her mother too. Trust me - it is super cute and adorable.

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