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Friday, December 5, 2008

At the Barn

At the Barn, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Well, here they are finally. I devoted the morning to editing and choosing the photos to use for our Christmas card and to give to the grandparents for Christmas. They aren't the greatest, but the nice thing about being your own photographer is that you know you really captured your kids. Flaws and all. I'm getting over the "perfect" picture desires I had and realize that they may not be the "perfect" pictures, but they are OUR perfect pictures and they will be photos we look back at and remember when . . . Not that I'm ready to rush those days. I love every minute of these days of having preschoolers. I realize we are getting closer and closer to the days that life is going to change drastically as Walker starts Kindergarten in September and will be exposed to a whole new world of people, places and opportunity. And we may get sucked into the whole world of elementary sports. Not soccer, NOT soccer, please! Everytime I drive past a youth soccer field I cringe at the thought of getting up at the crack of dawn to watch a bunch of aimless children run after an elusive ball. I just can't do it. I CAN'T I tell ya!

I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself though.

Merry Christmas! Hope your new year goes slow - just like I want mine!

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