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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We had a really nice day today. According to weather reports today was supposed to be the nicest day we'll have until next week, so Erik decided to play hookie and play with us today. We mowed grass in the morning and discovered the Mulberry tree - see photo for a funny story - and then this afternoon we went to the local pool to swim. I am so impressed with Maggie & Walker. Walker has been swimming like a fish for a few years now, but he is doing even better - getting brave and swimming underwater and jumping in without his arm bands. He even went down the twisty turney water slide at the pool today.

Little miss Maggie is no less brave. She crawled around the kiddie area on her belly - putting her face in and having fun. Then she wanted to go to the "deeper" area - like Brubby, so she started jumping in and going under water. She never once fussed - I was so impressed and amazed - I thought the first time she got water up her nose she'd cry and fuss, but she would just push her hair up off her face and say, "More time, Momma!" Which in Maggiespeak means "again please!"

Will loved the water too and laughed and splashed - watching everyone and everything at the pool. He never once fussed either.

Blue lips and shivering, we had to force the children to leave the pool they had such a fun time.

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