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Monday, July 14, 2008

Pure Joy

Walker loves helping his Uncle Travis and Mimi at the Deli. He's always helping with the dishes, making food, cleaning, etc. He's such a good helper that several customers have asked him where his Deli shirt is - all employees wear a green shirt w/ the deli logo on it. Well, Shelly finally got Walker a T-shirt with his name embroidered on it with the deli logo. So we surprised him today and went into the deli for lunch and Uncle Travis presented him with the t-shirt.

Walker absolutely has the best "joy" face ever. The most simple things give him the greatest joy and the joy is so pure and innocent and sweet that it truly almost makes you cry watching him. His smile gets so big and he giggles - he just can't contain it. I knew he would react this way today so I was sure to bring my camera to capture it. He could barely speak he was so thrilled - his thank you's to his Mimi & to Uncle Travis were whispers of awe - that they would do something so nice for him. You would have thought the shirt was made of gold!

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Walker is hard at work doing dishes!

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