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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Center of attention 1

Center of attention 1, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

This is how Maggie started - and as I kept shooting she moved closer and closer to me. What did she want?? "See Maggie, Momma." Immediately after having her picture taken, she wants to see herself in the screen on the camera. So funny.

The doggie in the picture is our "CGD" Child Guard Dog - Maverick has been with us for 7 years and guards these children as if it were his job. He is so gentle with them and so protective. Earlier tonight, Walker was running through the yard, somewhat out of control, and Maverick ran in front of him to try to turn him away from the woods. He ALWAYS lays right by the stroller and his absolute best feature ever - he NEVER EVER licks! You can put your nose right on his and he will sit there and never ever lick your face. He doesn't even lick your hand! I don't think there is anything I could ever say bad about our Maverick. Oh, and if you're interested, he's an Australian Shepherd.

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