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Monday, June 30, 2008

Walker wins a blue ribbon

I took this picture of Walker today at the Big Butler Fair - we went to watch the goat judging and they had a "junior showmanship" class. A very nice girl allowed Walker to lead her goat around the ring a few times with the other two girls. He was so proud to win a blue ribbon. We hooked it to his belt loop and he would show it to people saying, "See my tag? I won it at the goat show." He was so sweet. He liked showing the goat so we are going to start working with a few of our goats for him to enter in the junior class at the Butler Farm Show. Guess I've got a busy month ahead of me helping him prepare. I've got to teach him how to lead the goat, etc. I'm really putting that Master's degree to use now! Maybe I should have studied animal psychology!

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