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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today was a rough day. I had trouble falling asleep last night - probably too much iced tea and the fact that sometimes my mind doesn't want to shut down for bed. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard a "thump" then pitter patter of tiny feet and the click click of the door handle being twisted. Maggie May had climbed out of bed and was heading to ours. I intercepted her at the door and whispered, "Maggie, big girls sleep in their bedrooms by themselves." Maggie prides herself on being a "big gurl" (she changes the vowel sound when she says girl) and I knew she would respond well to hearing what is expected of a big girl. She settled back in easily and as I tried to quietly slide into bed, I saw our little ground hog poke his head up over the crib rail.

I haven't had the inclination to move Will over to share with Walker even though Maggie was sharing with Walker by 6 months. Will has only been a difficult baby in the sleep area. He is very attached to nursing and I struggled to get him to sleep through the night. We were doing so well, then recently, maybe partly to his recent change of eating habits, he has started waking in the middle of the night. I wonder if it is also partly due to sharing with us and hearing our movements - Erik's snoring - at night and waking up. He had one of those nights last night and I tried to nurse him back to sleep but he kept waking up. So in desperation for sleep, at 2:30 in the morning, I took Will for a six mile drive through Jefferson Township. I saw TONS of raccoons and even a few white tailed deer. It was actually a very peaceful ride and when we got home I left Will in his infant carrier, set it on the floor and collapsed on the couch. It wouldn't have been such a big deal, but I had to be up at what I consider super early to help out a friend with something. I was afraid I wouldn't wake up in time, so I set the timer on the oven to go off - and it worked great!

I was unable to have the children with me today while I helped my friend so Erik took the older two to work with him. Around noon when I was finished, I called him to see if they wanted picked up from the job site and Maggie got on the phone and told me, "No, Momma, work wif dada. Mulch." Of course Walker had no interest in coming home - he really loves to work so I picked Will up from our dear neighbor, Donna's house, and we had the day to ourselves.

Will was making the most fabulous faces and noises today. He has discovered raspberries and loves to blow them on your neck or arm - mostly my shoulder since my summer attire usually consists of tank tops. He was so much fun. We sat on the floor and he crawled and climbed all over me. He has learned how to respond with the game, "How big are you?" and he lifts just one arm up, palm facing up to the sky and we respond, " Sooooo Big!" He laughs and giggles. He's so ticklish too - I love to "crawl" my fingers up his legs to his neck and give him a tickle. He squishes his neck into my hand and giggles so adorably. It's so amazing.

We moved Will into Walker's room tonight. Hopefully we will all get a peaceful nights sleep. I am planning on heading out to my moms house tomorrow afternoon during nap time and we're going to stay there through the weekend. It should be an interesting trip. We're celebrating my sister Erin's 26th birthday! Details to follow . . .

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