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Monday, June 16, 2008

Today was a day! I came downstairs to a quiet house after putting away laundry and discover Maggie's little hair bands dumped all over the floor. Because they are hazardous to Will, I make the children come over to clean them up. I reach to pick up a handful and see a clump of hair. Somehow, Walker mysteriously got a chunk of hair cut from his head. He says Maggie did it, but she says, "No, no, no Momma, Maggie not do it."

I honestly do not know who to believe. Regardless, I now have to find somewhere to get Walker in for a haircut. Curly hair can hide a lot, but it's not a miracle cure! Walker does not like this idea because any time spent away from his daily schedule of play or working with dad is not his idea of fun. He asked me if I would cut it again. After his shower tonight, I did realize that if we comb his hair the right way, it will cover the fact it had been chopped.

Walker has recently started trying to lie in order to escape consequences. Maggie has been doing it since birth it seems. Is that a girl/boy thing or just their nature? Who to believe? I have to say, that I do lean towards believing the culprit was Maggie May. She has a fascination with scissors and cut her own hair on Saturday night. She saw me give Walker a hair cut a week ago and has been obsessed ever since. My fault. I need to learn that my children are very visual learners and when they see Erik or I do anything, if they think it is in their capabilities, they try to do it themselves. A positive and negative trait at the same time. I marvel at how smart they are and how inventive. I absolutely know my children are the type that if I put the cookie jar on top of the refrigerator, they will be the ones pulling out drawers, stacking chairs and whatever else they find to get to the top to get those cookies. I'll be lucky if they don't put me in an early grave.

It won't be long before Will is following in their footsteps either. He's already motoring around the house like a champ. In fact, I'm a little worried because just a few minutes ago, he managed to push himself into an A-frame position with his bum in the air and hands and feet planted on the floor. Isn't that a sign of a beginner walker? Will is also talking a lot more now too. He is sitting here telling me stories. He's got a gravelly voice so when he "talks" he sounds like an old man. Too cute.

Maggie held firm all day and completely denies ever touching Walker's hair. At least she's consistent, right. I hope that someday I'll manage to turn her perseverance to the forces of good rather than "evil." I've said from the start with her that I've got my hands full - it is becoming more and more apparent every day. The dilemma is that she is stubborn, obstinate and conniving, yet, she is also sweet, loving and forgiving. She adores her brothers - she calls Walker "brubby" and affectionately calls her baby brother, "Willie James." She has an adorable little lisp so when she says "Willie James" it sounds like, "Wiyee Dames." How can I resist that?

Walker is really starting to turn into a boy rather than a "little" boy. You can see on his face the way he is problem solving - he still sticks out his tongue just a bit in the corner when he has a problem to solve. He's also getting an independent streak. He wants to do things by himself. If you visit my Flickr page (see link on the left) somewhere in that album is a picture of him and Maggie in the kitchen and he is making PB&J sandwiches for the both of them. He was so proud that he could make it himself. He's got the sweetest nature for the most part, but he does not like to be controlled. I can relate to that a lot.

I really love seeing their personalities develop and grow right before my eyes. How amazing! I hope that through this journal you all will get a feel for how they are growing too.

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